7am - 3pm

All Day Brunch

(v) = vegetarian, (gfi) =made with gluten free ingredients (dfi) = made with dairy free ingredients, (f) = free from fructose

blue mini banana loaf $17

made with raspberries & white chocolate, served with poached seasonal peninsula fruits and mascarpone & choc hazelnut sauce (v)

bowled $18

wallace family vegan crunch granola bowl with coconut lime whip, coconut flakes, seasonal fresh fruits and mango coulis (vegan)

classic breakfast $16

rashers of castlemaine bacon, 2 x free range somerville farm eggs on toasted baker boys vienna loaf (choose poached, fried or scrambled)

bennie $24

2 x poached free range somerville eggs on toasted english muffin drizzled with lemon thyme hollandaise. *select one style from bacon rashers, hot tea smoked salmon (served chilled) or florentine (spinach) (v))

fig & almond fruit toast $10

hand made levieto toasted fig & almond fruit bread with butter (v) add $2 for merricks farm jam

double egg & bacon roll $16

baker boys roll with 2 x free range somerville farm fried eggs, 2 x rashers castlemaine bacon, roquette & relish

corn fritters $18

3 x salty, spicy, shallow fried crispy corn & jalapeno fritters with homemade coriander pesto – char corn salsa leaves and herbs (v) add $3 for poached egg or $8 for hot smoked salmon

catch $19

warm EVO sardines in a can, blue mini slow roasted roma’s, salad of preserved lemon, parsley and caper berry served with grilled baker boy’s bread (dfi)

spanish claypot $24

breakfast cassoulet of tomato, beans, spiced chorizo, crumbled feta, side of greg’s pork fennel sausage, ripped baker boys ficelle, herbs add $3 for fried egg

loaded potato gems $23

best bad dish ever! potato gems loaded with 8-hour beef brisket, topped with hollandaise sauce, char corn salsa & blue mini lime salt. add $3 for fried egg

roti canai $20

2 x free range somerville farm poached eggs with warm, spiced baked sweet potato, fried onion, merricks farm kasundi and zaatar served on warm roti bread. (v) (dfi)

salmon & potato salad $27

hot tea-smoked salmon flakes, warm confit chats, fresh zucchini ribbons & seasonal green salad with minted pea puree and fresh tomato vinaigrette (gfi) (dfi)

grain & grown bowl $22

tamarind tahini roasted warm pumpkin wedges, crispy chic peas, rustic lemon scented couscous & mixed leaf salad (vegan)

beef brisket burger $20

marinated 8 hour slow baked pulled beef, baker boys roll, wallace family pickles, crisp slaw, maple vinaigrette, and a handful of potato crisps (dfi)

duck spring rolls $22

6 x duck spring rolls, asian herbs, bean shoots, cucumber and prawn crackers served with spiced szechuan dipping sauce

pan fried calamari twists $26

calamari twists tossed with spiced spanish chorizo and olives on a bed of fresh green leaves, red onion, olive dust & garlic aioli lemon (gfi) (dfi)

sticky spiced chicken ribs $24

served with raw slaw, mini warm tortillas, south american lime coconut sauce & tangy nut seed dukkah (dfi)

peninsula ploughman’s $44

wedge of red hill cheese, merricks mist soft cheese, blue mini hot tea smoked salmon, city larder pork pistachio terrine (100g), blue mini pitta crisps, boiled eggs, nicky’s onions, wallace family pickles, merricks farm beetroot relish. serves 2-4 or more. add $10 for a bowl of main ridge estate warm chilli olives

thai beef salad $25

wok tossed spiced beef with fat rice noodles, red capsicum, roquette, julienne veg & bean shoots, topped with fresh herbs & crunchy peanuts shallot mix (gfi) (dfi)

smokehouse woodfired pizza $22

greg’s spiced pork sausage, tomato passata, baby bocconcini, coriander pesto, herb feta salad & fennel salt

Sides / Bowls

$2 aioli, relish, kasundi, jams

$3 free range egg, hollandaise, baker boys sour dough toast, gf bread

$4 wilted spinach, roasted roma tomato, potato gems, cup of baked beans

$6 bacon rashers, grilled spicy chorizo

$8 tea smoked flaked salmon 100g, grilled pork fennel sausage

$5 fries or salad (small)

$9 super crunch thick fries (+ $2 aioli) or potato gems

$9 leafy greens, red onion, parmesan salad

$9 Mixed fresh green salad bowl



tea/coffee $4.5 mugs $5.5

hot chocolate $5.5 (vegan) (df ) 

bush chai latte $4.5 (vegan ) (df) 

turmeric golden latte $4.5 (vegan) (df)

babycino $2.5 

iced latte $4.5

cold brew affogato $5

alternate milks coconut, oat, soy, lactose free + .70c 

MILK LAB almond + $1


iced coffee or chocolate $7

old fashioned Iced milks $7, kids $4.5 (caramel, vanilla, banana, strawberry , lime, blue heaven)

plant based smoothies $9

detox – blueberry, banana, date, boysenberry
energise – strawberry, pear, apple, pineapple, dates

reboot – mango, pineapple, banana passionfruit

booster – banana, mango, spinach, lime

alternate milk $2, coconut yogurt $2

see our grab & go fridge for bottled cold drink selection

Local Wine, Beer, Cider

mini wine bottles $9

wine by the glass – tucks wine $9

wine bottles – crittenden estate, tucks wine, quealy, chirping bird, godings lane, from $25

beer – mornington peninsula brewery, from $9

cider – mock orchards, from $9