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November 15, 2017
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February 7, 2018

Coffee Tasting Experience

Boneo Road Roasters - Tasting Experience

Try the latest thing this summer – our Boneo Road Roasters house made cold drip coffee brewed over a 5 hour period, plus our ‘exhilarate’ espresso, a delightful Blue Mini cafe mocha brownie, chocolate coated coffee beans, and provisions to make your own affogato with vanilla ice cream and all things coffee – $12.00 per person.

See and smell the freshly ground coffee and buy your new favourite Boneo Road Roasters blend to take home.

Boneo Road Roasters have a passion for all things coffee, and are creators of single origin and unique house blend coffees. Their on site roasting at Blue Mini in Rosebud follow an ethically sourced crop to cup philosophy – supporting the people and communities that produce the beans we roast.

See, smell, touch and taste the world of coffee.